Olive Oil Good for Skin- A Magic Ingredient

Olive Oil Good for Skin- A Magic Ingredient

Olive oil comes from the olive fruit. A lot of people prefer to use this oil for cooking as it is rich in fatty acids and gives healthy fats compared to its other substituents. The oil consists of skin-loving properties as well. Therefore people are curious to know the answer to the question of how is olive oil good for skin

Dermatologist studies recommend using plant oils for cosmetic and beauty benefits. Olive oil is the topmost on that recommendation list. It has moisturising properties that benefit the skin. 

Popular facial oils and serums in the market use olive oil. You can use the oil directly on your skin to avail of its previous properties. 

Extra virgin olive oil good for skin benefits

Using olive oil on the skin has various benefits which we will divulge shortly. However, first, let us disclose how and when to use this magic ingredient. 

It is best to use olive oil in the last step of your skincare. This is so that you have enough hydration on your skin by then. The oil works best when the skin is hydrated.

Therefore, keeping this in mind the best time to apply the oil to your skin is when it is slightly wet. While using olive oil always remember that less is more. Using too much may clog your pores. 

Now let us have a look at the various benefits that using olive oil leaves us with. 

Prevention of water loss 

The primary function of olive oil is to hydrate your skin. This action makes up for the hydration that you may have lost. The oil not only improves moisturisation but also improves the appearance and health of the skin. 

Makeup remover 

Olive oil works as a great makeup remover. It is great for removing waterproof eye makeup and any eye makeup. Using olive oil for removing eye makeup does not burn or sting the eye. 

Along with removing make up the oil also does the job of replenishing and providing nourishment to your skin. While removing eye makeup does the job of nourishing your eyelashes which rarely other market buy make up remover will help you with. 

You must wash your face with a mild face wash after you use olive oil to remove your makeup. This is because olive oil can break down the makeup on your face but will not completely take it off. You will need a face wash for that purpose.

Protection against skin damage 

Olive oil has antioxidant properties which protect your skin cells from any damage or inflammation. It also prevents early ageing and repairs redness or irritation of the skin. 

Combats Premature ageing 

Olive is rich in multiple vitamins that successfully combat premature ageing. Some of these vitamins are E, D, K, and A. All of these vitamins reduce skin stress and therefore help reduce premature ageing. 

Healing agent 

Studies prove that olive oil is beneficial for healing. As a plant oil olive oil contains triterpenes. This ingredient helps in wound healing. It reduces the time your skin needs for healing and escalates the process. 


Olive oil works well as an exfoliator. You can use it on your entire body by making your own DIY exfoliator out of it. Mix olive oil with some salt and voila! You have your own DIY scrub ready for use! 

Make sure you use finer-grained salt for your face and reserve coarser-grained salt for the body.

Olive oil good for skin side effects and dangers

There are some things that you need in mind while using olive oil on your skin. 

The oil is not recommended by dermatologists to use on skin that has frequent breakouts and is congested. 

The fatty acids in olive oil along with being a blessing are also a cautionary tale. They allow yeast and acne-causing bacteria to grow. 

If you have acne-prone skin, it is best to stay away from olive oil. Additionally, in case your skin produces a lot of sebum then it does not need any extra oil. Therefore, applying olive oil to your skin can clog your pores and increase your breakout chances. 

Olive oil is not the best option if you have sensitive skin. If you’re from a sensitive skin family, make sure you consider your dermatologist’s opinion before you start using it for yourself. 

Olive oil is not recommended for use on the skin of infants. It may lead to unavoidable side effects on the skin. It is said that infants may develop eczema if they have a family history of it. 

If you still wish to use olive oil despite having sensitive skin, then make sure you do a patch test before applying it to your face.

Tips for caution on olive oil good for skin

You can perform a patch test on your forearm by rubbing a little olive oil and leaving it there for one or two days. If you see no reaction or redness on the area then you’re good to use it on your skin.

It is easy to go overboard with oils. Therefore, you have to be careful with how much olive oil you use as it’s heavy for the skin. In case you end up using extra make sure you wipe it off your face as this can trap bacteria. 

Choose a good brand of olive oil good for skin. Choosing a good brand ensures good quality and results. Additionally, it does not contain any chemicals or parabens.

Final thoughts 

When you use olive oil good for skin, make sure you use pure extra virgin olive oil for your skin only. 

Some brands in the market contain additional ingredients which contaminate the properties of pure olive oil. Such market products do not meet the standards of pure olive oil and do not yield the results that pure olive oil might give you. 

We hope that you will be able to utilise olive oil well now that you know how useful it is.  

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