Secret Tricks and Tips for Glowing Skin Homemade

Secret Tricks and Tips for Glowing Skin Homemade

Are you here to learn secret tips for glowing skin homemade? Then you’re at the right place! 

Lean back on your divan and let us work our magic! We’re going to reveal some tips that your skin will thank you for later

The easiest way to take care of your skin is to fix your diet, sleep, activity level, and water intake. 

Your skin starts breaking out and acting up when it’s missing essential nutrients that it requires. Hydration is key for good skin. If your skin feels parched it’s probably because you haven’t been drinking enough water lately. Good sleep gives your skin the rest it needs and well-rested skin is more likely to glow.

We all know about the post-workout glow. Well, the secret about working out is that the post-workout glow can be quite permanent if you work out regularly. 

In addition to all of this, you must clean your face every day. When you step out your skin gathers dust and dirt. Therefore, it is important that you clean your face so that it glows. 

Use sunscreen when you step out to protect your skin. This is because protected skin will glow better compared to damaged skin. Clean your face with a mild cleanser twice a day to keep your face dirt-free. 

When using makeup make sure you use non-comedogenic products. This will let your pores breathe. Always take makeup off your face once your purpose for it is solved. Sleeping with makeup on gives an unhealthy skin that is not likely to glow. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of skincare with you which will help you prep your skin to glow, let us share with you some secret tips that do the job. 

Glowing skin secrets- tips for glowing skin homemade

There are lots of skincare and beauty products available in the market that claim to give you glowing skin. A lot of people purchase these products only to realise they have been conned. Some of these products make them break out while others might do the job temporarily only. 

Therefore, we bring to you tips that will stay with you for a lifetime and help you achieve that permanent glow that makes you gawk at yourself in the mirror. 


Mothers have been pestering their children since the dawn of time with their secret ‘haldi wala doodh’ recipe. As a child, you might have found this annoying. However, there is a good reason your mother did that. Turmeric you see has antibacterial properties. It rejuvenates your skin and adds that coveted glow to your face. 

It boosts collagen production and blesses you with fresh and supple skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which help you soothe your pimples and any puffiness. 

Turmeric is good for consumption. A lot of people prefer to have raw turmeric on an empty stomach. You may wish to avoid the traditional ‘haldi wala doodh’ in case you’re lactose intolerant. For external application, you can mix turmeric with rose water and apply that paste to your face.

Olive Oil 

Oil is the most popular ingredient for adding glow to your skin. It nourishes your skin well from deep within. 

Facial oils are popularly advertised during winters. Olive oil is one such oil that acts as a fantastic antioxidant for your skin. It repairs skin damage and restores vitality to the skin. It not only gives a long-lasting glow to your skin on regular use but also prevents early aging of your skin. 

Massage your face with olive oil right before going to sleep for about two or three minutes. Then dip a towel in some warm water, rinse it and then dab it to take excess oil off your face. In case you have oily skin, you may wish to skip this routine after consulting with your dermatologist. However, this is a perfect nighttime skincare routine to have during winters.  

Aloe Vera 

This is a magic ingredient when it comes to skincare. Using Aloe Vera gel from the plant gives your skin an unimaginable glow. It improves your blemishes, reduces pigmentation, and keeps those nasty pimples at bay. 

Aloe Vera is very helpful in treating skin burns. You can consume aloe vera. It is readily available in the market. However, if you want to apply it then having a plant and extracting the gel manually is the best way to go. 


Honey is an amazing moisturiser to soften the skin. It also adds a subtle glow to the skin. It helps in fading pigmentation issues and preventing acne and infections. Honey has antibacterial properties just like turmeric. 

You can consider directly massaging your face with some honey for a few minutes to reap the results of tips for glowing skin homemade. 


Besan works as a miraculous natural exfoliator for the skin. You can use this on your face every day without worry. Besan does not have plastic microbeads that may aggravate your skin. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for everyday use. 

It removes dead skin cells and excess oil. Besan helps expose new and healthier skin. You can mix besan with water and milk and use that paste to gently scrub your face and then wash it off your face.


Yogurt is the most overrated natural ingredient for adding an instant glow to your skin. The best part is that it does the job it claims.

It improves skin elasticity and leaves your skin supple and glowing on application. Additionally, yoghurt reduces fine lines, wrinkles and delays ageing on regular usage. 

You can consume yoghurt for the same results and also apply it. Leaving the yogurt on your skin for 10-15 minutes gives the best results. 

Final thoughts 

We hope that this secret guide with tips for glowing skin homemade gives you the arsenal you require to glow like the sun! Always remember that a glow inside will give you a glow outside. If anyone hasn’t told you yet, you’re beautiful inside out!