Can You Complete Your PhD Without Writing a PhD Dissertation?

Can You Complete Your PhD Without Writing a PhD Dissertation?

Have you made up your mind to start a doctorate degree? That’s great. This is a very good decision that will one day pay you off. It will help you find your own way, even if all opportunities seem closed. It updates your knowledge and enables you to polish the existing or unveil the hidden skills. Of course, after getting your doctorate degree or turning your status from Miss X or Mr X to Dr X, the world will receive a new version of you.

If we see the situation from another aspect, we can say that PhD journey is certainly full of ups and downs. Completing the coursework is relatively easy, but what about research? PhD research is indeed overwhelming. It demands us to write at least 1000 pages dissertation that will only be accepted after foreign evaluation. Are of afraid of the dissertation writing phase of a doctorate degree? If yes, then do not worry; ultimately, you have reached the right place. Today we will answer a frequently asked question; that is, whether one can get a doctorate degree without writing a PhD dissertation? Read this article till the end to get the answer to this thought-provoking question.

What Is PhD For All Of Us?

Commonly it is considered that a doctorate degree is all about writing a PhD dissertation. But the point to be pondered here is whether this perception about PhD is true. Well, the answer to this question is quite diplomatic. If we see the picture from our side, it will convince us that, yes, it is all about dissertation writing, but at the same time, the other side gives us contradictory results.

Is my discussion confuses you? No worries, it’s just the beginning. You will be clear till the article ends. By the way, there are many universities that will never let you have your hands on the PhD degree unless you submit a foreign-evaluated dissertation. However, the world is full of opportunities for those who search for them, so if you are looking for a university that allows you to complete your PhD without writing a dissertation, it’s still possible.

Almost all of us are very well aware of the case where no matter how scary writing a thesis will be, you have to nail the task by hook and crux. In contrast, the second scenario of giving you an opportunity to pass out without writing a dissertation may surprise you. Though the latter case is very rare, it still happens. So, you have to conduct an extensive search to discover the institute that will save you from this stress. All in all, the majority of the university made writing a PhD dissertation mandatory; though rare but institutes of PhD programs without thesis writing really exists.

What Are Some Disciplines Where Writing A Phd Dissertation Is Mandatory?

The answer to this question is highly specific, and it is still possible that your concerned university has set some other rules. Mainly, the science group students, such as the ones studying biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and material sciences, have to write a dissertation. Likewise, social science students such as who deal with business, administration, sociology, accountancy, and management-related studies are also asked to write a dissertation. However, the following is a list of a few non-thesis degree programs:

  1. Economics:
  2. Manufacturing Engineering:
  3. Humanities:
  4. Archaeological material sciences
  5. Food engineering
  6. Media design
  7. Regional development
  8. Programming
  9. Coastal communities
  10.  Global communication and diversity

What Are Some Tips To Get A Degree Without Writing A Phd Dissertation?

Follow any of the following tips if you really want to skip the most crucial phase of your life, that is, writing a PhD dissertation, you can do so.

Get Enrolled In One Year Program:

Many universities are offering one-year doctorate programs so you can balance your studies with career goals even without writing a PhD dissertation. So, this option is worth noting; please give it a search. 

Go For PhD Capstone:

You can also go for PhD capstone writing; though it resembles PhD thesis writing still, it is easy to draft. Most probably because it never measures your progress by counting pages or words.

Take Specific Subject In Place Of Research Project:

You can replace the dissertation with some subject papers. It is quite fair, and you must avail yourself of this offer to skip the dissertation witting.

Get Benefit From The Remote Study:

Mostly, as compared to theregular study programs, remote or e-learning gives more flexibility to students related to dissertation writing. Moreover, while getting enrolled in it, you need to be more concerned about the authenticity of the department. Remember, you must take admission in online courses offered by globally recognised institutes to help you get the degree to have value.

Seek Expert Dissertation Writing Help:

Lastly, take admission in any thesis or research-based degree of your choice and complete your coursework. Once the university allows you to conduct research, give your 100%. After compiling all research and gathering all information to get passed through the thesis defence, find someone to be your typewriter. In the current era, there are dozens of writing assistants virtually providing you with 24/7 hours writing services. You can get PhD dissertation help from any of these services. So, give their experts a chance to prove themselves.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, writing a thesis needs you to follow a few simple requirements that can easily be done by consulting a step-by-step guide. However, even if you know the shortest way to write, still it’s tiresome and needs continuous efforts from your side. So for those who, despite all efforts, couldn’t make up their mind to get enrolled in a thesis degree program, non-thesis programs are also available. Therefore in clearer words, we must say yes, you can complete your PhD without writing a PhD thesis, but you have to follow some of the above-mentioned options.

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