‘Best Cream for Baby Fairness’- Are We Parenting Right?

‘Best Cream for Baby Fairness’- Are We Parenting Right?

The best cream for baby fairness is one that makes your baby happy. These creams should primarily convey that all colours, fair or dusky are beautiful. The best cream for babies takes care of their skincare needs.  

Best cream for baby fairness gives rise to racist notions growing up. As parents, you would want your baby to grow up learning the right values. We are going to tell you all the things that are wrong with the best cream for baby fairness. 

Issues with the best cream for baby fairness & questions like ‘Does baby secret lotion lighten skin?’

India is a nation that is home to a diverse group of people. Indian people are not ‘white’. Indians are popular for their wheatish and dark coloured complexion. 

According to studies, ‘white people’ obsess over products that give them bronzy dusky-looking skin. People from nations of colour however obsess over products that make them look fairer. Evidently, people want what they do not have. Critics also call this the ‘Grass looks greener on the other side’ mindset. 

Best cream for baby fairness conveys that white skin and fair skin is beautiful. This is not the thought you’d want your baby to grow up with. Such thoughts are disrespectful towards people of colour. You would not want your baby to believe that the natural colour of their skin that they are born with is not beautiful. 

Babies have the right to live without worries and live a happy childhood. You do not want your child to believe that they are not beautiful. Promoting and indulging in products that promote fairness disregard inclusivity for coloured skin. 

Can baby fairness creams shape personalities?

Childhood is an impressionable period. When you use the best creams for baby fairness, your child learns that fair is beautiful. This leads to issues such as low self-esteem and body image issues when your child starts growing up. 

Beauty is not defined by skin colour. If you’re parenting right, your baby will also grow up believing that. 

Questions like if baby skin lotions lighten skin are based on the belief that a darker shade of skin needs to be fairer. This again is a question that promotes racist beliefs. 

Indian societies are ironically obsessed with fairer skin despite worshipping Gods like Krishna and Kali with darker skin. 

It is important that you as a parent are not motivated by the beliefs of the society around you. Some of the beliefs are not inclusive and propagate negative thinking. What society wants is not important, what you want is. 

Babies of colour deserve to feel beautiful because they are beautiful. It is very important that you as a parent help your child feel confident and beautiful. Anti-colour inclusive creams like best creams for baby fairness only bring your child’s confidence down. 

We understand your concerns to find the perfect moisturising cream for your baby. Therefore, we are here to help you look for the perfect baby cream for your baby which is inclusive and gentle on your baby’s skin. 

Best Body Cream for toddlers in Nigeria, countries of colour, and all over the world. 

Baby skin is delicate and you want to make sure that you have no chemicals in your cream. Harsh chemicals in baby creams damage your baby’s skin.

Apart from being discriminatory, fairness creams contain harsh chemicals. Fairness creams contain bleaches at times to turn the skin a shade lighter. 

Bleaches are harsh chemicals that harms the skin. You do not want your baby’s skin damaged. Therefore, it is best to avoid baby fairness creams at a cost. 

Keeping in mind the aforementioned preferences, we have prepared an ingredient list for you. This ingredient list is designed to help you the next time you go cream shopping for your baby. 

An ingredient checklist for your baby’s baby cream


Parabens are known as chemicals that are used in products to make them last longer. We already discussed that chemical products are harmful for your baby. Therefore you should always choose paraben-free creams for your baby. 


You should ensure that the cream you buy is non-sticky for your baby. A greasy skin could make your baby uncomfortable and cause skin allergies. Make sure you shop for something that is lightweight and comfortable for your baby to wear. 


Always shop for skincare products that are fragrant-free for your baby. Chemicals are used for creams or moisturisers to smell pleasant. While adults are somewhat tolerant towards chemicals, we cannot say the same for babies. Babies have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. 

pH balanced 

You should always opt for creams that are pH-balanced for your baby. However, slightly acidic creams with a pH balance of 5.5 are good to keep bacterial infection away. Therefore, if you wish to make such purchase make sure you consult your doctor. 


Always go for hypoallergenic creams for your baby. This means that the chances of your baby having an allergy to the cream reduces. 

This, however, does not mean that your baby will not develop an allergy. Your baby may be allergic to a specific ingredient used in the cream. Therefore it is best you consult your doctor before trying out any baby cream. 

Some baby cream suggestions

Johnson baby cream is by far rated as the most loved cream by all mothers to date. Johnson & Johnson’s have different variants of their baby cream.

Other creams that tick off all our ingredient list criteria are Sebamed, Himalaya, and the Mama Earth baby creams. These creams are not only chemical-free but are also discrimination-free. 

Did you know? 

Mr. And Mrs. Clark were psychology researchers. They conducted the doll tests in the 1940s. However, the conversation started by the duo still continues today. Their tests confirmed that black children feel unworthy because of their skin colour. 

The researchers found that black girls and other girls of colour find ‘white’ dolls more beautiful than the black ones. The children want to look like the ‘white’ dolls because ‘white’ is the socially acceptable standard of beauty. They grow up believing that they are not beautiful. 

Do you want to make your child feel that way? 

Melanin is not a factor that you or your child can control. 

If the answer to the above question is a no, come make the right choice with us. 

Final thoughts 

Parenting is a difficult job to sail. Parents find it challenging to go against societal norms. However, it is important you do so in order to give your child a good life. 

We hope our best cream for baby fairness inspired you. We hope that you are able to make the right choices now.