Traveling to Hongkong During COVID-19 Restrictions

Traveling to Hongkong During COVID-19 Restrictions

Has traveling to Hongkong been on your mind lately? Are you confused by all the travel guidelines out there? If so, you have landed at the right place. This blog will break down all of those complicated travel guidelines for you in the pandemic. We hope that after reading this, traveling to Hongkong for business or leisure will be an easy stop on your list. 

Let’s jump right into it then! 

Hong Kong Travel Restrictions 2021 during Traveling to HongKong 

Traveling to Hongkong is now possible for people who are vaccinated.  There are some exceptions to that rule as well. You need to have a valid vaccination certificate. You should have not been to certain countries over the last 14 days. They are the United Kingdom, Indian, Brazil, South Africa, China, Iran, European Union, Ireland, and European Schengen Area.

You do need to follow a long self-quarantine if you have not been to the aforementioned countries. However, you need a covid negative report before your travel to Hongkong. This report should be no older than 72 hours. 

If you have had covid you need to provide medical documentation that proves you have recovered from it. This medical documentation is valid as long as you have recovered three months before wanting to travel to Hongkong. 

It is mandatory for you to follow social distancing and wear a mask once you reach there. This goes without saying that you need to maintain hygiene for your own safety. It is legal to travel to Hongkong. However, it is not safe to travel for leisure currently.

Hongkong has made it mandatory for people arriving from high covid risk countries to provide a covid negative report. Self-quarantine is a legal process that Hongkong is following.

Hongkong is currently under lockdown and is only partially open. Shops that sell necessities are open with their regular timings. However, shops with non-essential items are open during short periods of interval only. Transportation is functioning with restrictions there. Events, Restaurants, and Bars are partially open. People are free to shop in Hongkong currently. Stores are open for that purpose.  

Hong Kong Travel Quarantine while Traveling to Hongkong

If you are a Hongkong national, you need to deposit a health declaration form. You also need to perform a covid swab test at the airport. 

In case you are a traveler from a low-risk country, then you can follow a shorter period of quarantine. This is the law post 12th May 2021. For instance, completely vaccinated travelers from New Zealand or Australia need to stay in quarantine hotels for seven days. You need to follow a period of self-monitored quarantine and test on the twelfth day. 

However, fully vaccinated travelers from high-risk countries need to follow a different set of rules. If you are a high-risk traveler, you need to complete your 21 days of quarantine. You then to self-monitor yourself in quarantine for an additional 7 days. You need to test yourself on the 26th day of your arrival.

The high-risk countries are Argentina, Belgium, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Germany, Italy, and Kenya. Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, France, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan also qualify as high-risk countries. 

Honkong is currently deliberating launching a quarantine air bubble.

Lockdown Rules in Hongkong

Gathering restrictions allow only a gathering of four people in Hongkong. Anyone trying to break this rule has to pay a penalty of $25,000. Additionally, they also have to face a jail time of six months. Participants who knowingly allow such gatherings if caught need to pay a sum of $5,000 as a penalty. 

Funerals, gathering for transportation, groups carrying out government or healthcare activities are an exception to the rule. 

The Hongkong government also has a mandatory mask-wearing policy. Anyone caught without wearing a mask at public places needs to pay $10,000 as a penalty.

Religious places in Hongkong allow a gathering as long as the capacity of people remains under 30 percent. Religious institutions can accommodate 50% of people indoors if all of them are vaccinated. Such institutions can also can people in a full capacity outdoors if all of them are vaccinated. 

Business meetings can only allow 20 attendees. This number can rise to 50 indoor and 100 outdoor if all are vaccinated. 

Gyms, movie halls, and restaurants in Hongkong are required to have a QR code for an app called LeaveHomeSafe. This app records the whereabouts of a person and checks if they have been in close proximity to a covid patient. 

Tips for Tourists during Traveling to Hongkong

We do not suggest you travel in the current pandemic scenario for obvious health concerns. However, if you have to travel to Hongkong for business, there is no reason for you to not have some fun!

In this section, we wish to hand you some details you’ll find useful if you plan to indulge in some leisure during your trip. 

Ocean Park Hong Kong, Noah’s Ark Hong Kong, Monopoly Dreams, Hong Kong Observation Wheel, is open since 18th February 2021. Additionally, Hong Kong Wetland Park and sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck are also open since the 18th. Hong Kong Disneyland and some museums have resumed operations since the 19th of February. Other venues you should check out include Ngong Ping 360 cable car and the Peak Tram. 

Cruises will resume operations in Hongkong from the end of July 2021. You should definitely check out the Cruise-to-nowhere while you’re in Hongkong. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that we have you covered for traveling to Hongkong. Make sure that you make a Hongkong checklist on the rules and the places to travel from this blog. 

It is important to travel safely and take care of yourselves during this pandemic. Do not forget to get yourself screened. Out with the diamond is a girl’s best friend and in with sanitizer is everyone’s best friend.

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