Covid-19 Insurance Policy: Choose The Right One

Covid-19 Insurance Policy: Choose The Right One

Corona Virus has infected over 30 lakh people in India alone, posing a severe threat to the entire country. The lockdown has resulted in a reduction in economic values and a lack of income, adding to the severity of the situation. The situational pressure has increased, and many people have been experiencing financial troubles, necessitating dependable financial assistance to get through emergencies and uncertainties. Therefore, it is important to choose proper covid-19 insurance policy

Several life and health insurance firms have established COVID-19 insurance coverage or are providing a COVID-19 top-up with their current plans, recognizing the necessity of the hour. However, not all health insurance plans are worth your time and effort, and you can only get the finest COVID insurance policy for you and your family if you make an informed decision.

A COVID-19 insurane policy is required

As the COVID-19 situation worsens across the country, the financial crisis worsens, with falling stock markets and employment losses, exacerbating the whole scenario. Furthermore, India’s low insurance penetration could generate more significant problems because the entire financial burden would rest on the families of persons who delayed purchasing timely insurance plans. Only a comprehensive insurance policy can save you in demanding and unprecedented times.

So, should you purchase specialized health insurance for Covid 19 or rely on an existing term health insurance policy? We recommend that you get both!

While specialized covid health insurance can help cover hospitalization and other costs, a Term Plan with Corona coverage would be advantageous in the event of an unexpected event. In the event of a misfortune, most term plans provide a lump sum to the insured’s family, guaranteeing that their expenses are met.

How to Pick the Best COVID-19 Insurance policy?

Provider credibility

When looking for the finest covid 19 health insurance policy, the first and most crucial factor to consider is the insurance provider’s credibility. Various firms offer competitive prices and insurance advantages, but not all areas prompt in approving claims.  At Aditya Birla Group, we provide easy claim solutions with affordable premium rates. 

It is better if you know the company’s claim settlement ratio and solvency ratio. The claims settlement or paid ratio is the percentage of total claims filed compared to claims paid out. On the other hand, the solvency ratio indicates if the corporation is in a strong financial position to pay off the claims, which is especially important during COVID-19 when several claims are filed simultaneously.

We have the Corona Kavach policy that is aimed at offering protection against high-expenses of Covid-19. Corona has become like an epidemic that can affect almost anyone. With our affordable premium solutions, we aim at offering you the perk of filing claims accordingly. 

A sufficient quantity of coverage

Different insurance policies provide sum assured, ranging from Rs.20,000 to Rs.2 lakhs. However, when choosing the best covid health insurance plans, you must consider whether the coverage is adequate to meet your demands and support your family if the disease worsens and something unpleasant occurs. 

This is applicable from a specific type of infection and should offer a 360-degree coverage for all covid variants, including Omicron and its likes. Therefore, we introduce plans that are applicable for all the variants with a faster delivery timeline. The Corona Kavach policy offers a flexibility of premium from Rs 50,000 to 5 lacs. The insured sum is applicable for all individuals in the family members. 

Affordability of premiums

Purchasing covid 19 health insurance, particularly for people living in high-risk locations has become crucial. Still, the current economic situation has impacted everyone’s income stream, making buying a policy with affordable costs even more crucial. Corona Kavach’s premium starts as low as Rs 2,486 per annum that covers all hospital expenses. 

Look for a plan that strikes a good balance between the level of coverage and the cost of the premiums. You can compare all our plans to get the best deals. 

Easy application and claim process

Another factor to consider when purchasing covid health insurance is the ease of application and claim processing. Read the company’s policies carefully to ensure that the claim process is quick and painless, so your family doesn’t have to dash from one end of the country to the other filing insurance claims. Our company policies are available in the website itself to maintain transparency with our audience. 

Customer service

To find the finest COVID-19 insurance, look for a company with a good track record of customer service. To ensure that their customer service is up to par, conduct research and speak with corporate management. In a pandemic, the goal is to connect with a provider who provides exceptional customer service and quickly resolves complaints. We are available 24*7 for our customers. You can consider reaching out to us via Whatsapp for exclusive services. 

Final Thoughts

The Covid-19 insurance policy has a wide range of health insurance policies aimed at helping our customers. Whether you need a standalone policy or top-up plan, our agents will offer you guidance on the same. Make sure to compare all the plans before determining what is the best. You don’t need any medical reports to file for this policy as we cover everything in it. Apart from the hospitalization treatment, you can also benefit from our in-home treatment coverages.