A standalone or comprehensive covid-19 health insurance policy: What to choose?

A standalone or comprehensive covid-19 health insurance policy: What to choose?

COVID 19 is not likely to go away anytime soon. Therefore, in situations like this, it is important to protect yourself. You may consider getting the COVID-19 health insurance plans

The health insurance plans cover almost all the medical expenses if you ever test positive for coronavirus. Life insurers can significantly benefit from short-term insurance, but two types of covid 19 health insurance plans can be helpful. 

At Aditya Birla Group, we have standalone and comprehensive COVID-19 health insurance plans. Each of these plans is aimed at providing different kinds of benefits to the users. Therefore, it is advisable to check the features before choosing one.

What does the Standalone health insurance policy offer? 

The standalone health insurance policy is aimed at overall development and focuses on covering all the expenses. Under the standalone health insurance plan, all the hospitalization costs are considered. 

Well, some of the salient features of this health insurance policy are as follows:

Better policy coverage

Our covid-19 health insurance policy provides better coverage than other health insurance plans. As discussed above, the policy will cover almost all the expenses in the hospital, inclusive of the commodities. 

One-time premium

This covid policy is aimed at easing the financial burden on the patients. Therefore, the policy allows the users to make only one-time payments annually, which is quite different from the plans requiring you to pay periodically. 


The premium charges of health insurance plans are pretty high. However, this type of health insurance for covid-19 has very affordable premium charges. Moreover, it also covers a wide range of treatments at affordable rates. 

Short-waiting period

The standalone health insurance plan has a concise period. Unlike other health insurance plans, you don’t have to wait for thirty days because this plan has a maximum waiting period of fifteen days. Therefore, within fifteen days from the day of purchase, you can consider raising the claim and driving the benefits. 

Comprehensive policy

While almost all the health insurances cover covid-19 treatment, it is necessary to have a certain amount of sum insured. You may consider choosing a plan that will suit the existing user the most, which helps reduce the need for settlement and documentation. 

The salient features of the comprehensive policy include:

Broader coverage

A comprehensive policy is a kind of extra financial coverage that helps you after the exhaustion of current plan. 

Inflation coverage

This type of health insurance policy offers coverage against inflation that is extremely necessary. However, it would help if you chose an adequate sum insured with affordable premium rates. 

Easy renewal

Comprehensive health insurance plans benefit easy renewals, unlike other policies. These plans have a waiting period of thirty days, along with various deductible cases. 

Coverage against pre-existing diseases

Comprehensive health plans can offer coverage across different diseases as long as you meet the conditions. However, the premium is slightly higher in these cases. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best covid insurance policy can be a tough task. Aditya Birla Group can provide you with complete assistance in choosing a policy. We offer comprehensive guidance to our clients and help them decide on the best policy that can be helpful for them. Get in touch with us to know more.