Foods that cause blood in stool, and what should you avoid?

Foods that cause blood in stool, and what should you avoid?

Blood in stool can be an alarming issue, and believe it or not but there are foods that cause blood in stool. Hence, it is extremely important to understand what you need to consume in order to prevent blood formation in the stool. Some of the common reasons for blood in stool in tarry stools include dietary choices.

Managing them could reduce health conditions. Hence, it is important that you get proper medical diagnosis and treatment. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the reasons for stools that could appear bloody or cause gastrointestinal bleeding. To know more, keep reading.

What are the foods that cause blood in stool?


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Beets contain a rich ruby colour pigment called battalions which comes from the anthocyanin family. They may not be digested and absorbed very easily, depending on the various factors in the body. This also includes the diet. There is a good chance that it could affect the final colour of your stool. Not just that, consuming beet could change the urine colour as well.

Jell O & Red Food Dye

Artificial dyes, which are found in sugary cereals, chips, candies, and jell, could also dye your poop. So, changes in the colour could occur because of artificial colours or even natural colours, and they may also subside after a couple of days.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, a phytonutrient that is the body’s ability to simply metabolize lycopene. While the amount of lycopene occurs by drinking tomato juice, soup, or even Pico de Gallo. Watermelon is quite high in lycopene which has the potential to turn your stool red.  Pictures of blood in the stool indicate the same.

Red Pepper

Red pepper is also a fibrous vegetable that does not get digested very easily. Hence, the skin of these vegetables may also appear red in your stool. While the pepper’s skin may also be found wrapped in the stool. This is not just about peppers but also any vegetable or coloured fruit like green poop. You may also end up seeing fragments of red pepper skin, etc.

Is blood in stool cancer?

It could be regular blood in stool, not cancer. Rectal bleeding could also be a result of hemorrhoids. Some patients who experience hemorrhoids also experience flare-ups of sorts. Usually, patients who have hemorrhoids also experience a few symptoms that could up and down with a few flare-ups, like rectal bleeding caused due to cancer which also continues whenever the condition worsens and causes pain.

Can stress cause blood in stool?

While stress could contribute to a whole range of symptoms and factors like indigestion, abdominal bloating, and cramping, which causes rectal bleeding, even if you know patients who have experienced IBS, there needs to be an alternative cause before your rectal bleeding could lead you to stress.

When to worry about blood in stool?

Some of the symptoms of blood in stool include stool in the toilet bowl, bright red blood in stool, and blood on the tissue after wiping. If signs and symptoms like this appear, then make sure that you take immediate action and visit a doctor immediately. That is the first step to getting a solution to your problem.

Home remedies for blood in stool?

As hard tools make it difficult for rectal bleeding, it is important that you do something you avoid them. Hard stools not only strain the toilet but also cause hemorrhoids. Sometimes they cause anal fissures, which causes rectal bleeding too.

A few foods or beverages that can help you make sure the stools are not too hard to include water, prune juice, aloe vera, water, psyllium husk, flaxseed oil and flaxseed, chia seeds, leafy green vegetables like mustard greens, spinach, etc. High fibre fruit like berries, pears, apples, and figs are also a part of this. You may also have coconut water as it reduces dehydration.

What does blood in your stool mean for a woman?

The causes of blood in stool without pain are the following:

  • Hemorrhoids: This is a kind of rectal bleeding which happens due to swollen veins in the rectum. It happens either due to pregnancy, strained bowel movements, higher body weight, etc.
  • Anal fissure: This occurs when the skin splits near the anus. It also happens when the skin in your stool is very hard to pass. If there is any extra pressure in your bowel, it splits open and furthers the pain.
  • Fistula: These are glands or tiny tunnels that hurt the skin inside your anus and cause pain.
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and Chron’s diseases may also swell the digestive tract and cause problems. People who usually experience this may have abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, etc.
  • Ulcers are digestive fluids that can damage your intestines and cause them to lose balance. It can also damage the digestive tract and its lining and cause ulcers.
  • Polyps are basically like mushrooms that grow on your bowel’s side. They cause you to experience rectal bleeding. Polyps may also cause cancer if you don’t treat them properly.
  • Food poisoning is another common cause that easily contracts infections after contaminated foods are consumed. A few of the common symptoms of food poisoning may also include diarrhea, fever, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, etc.

 If you are experiencing diarrhea, then you could contact healthcare professionals, which is an indication of food poisoning.

Bloody poop on food is one of the biggest reasons behind food poisoning.  Foods like tomatoes, beets, and red foods like Jell-O contain a red pigment, which often remains undigested during bowel movements. It also causes stool, like might have blood.


A few medical conditions like Chron’s disease, polyps in the colon, ulcerative colitis, and bloody diarrhea. A few conditions may also include dizziness, pain, etc. Hence, it is advisable that you speak to your doctor about foods that cause blood in stool, and they can give you better guidance on the same.

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