5 Must-Try Food Products From Shark Tank India Season 2

5 Must-Try Food Products From Shark Tank India Season 2

The food and beverage domain of India is emerging with new ideas and innovations. It continuously tries to provide different food products in a healthier version. It has changed the traditional food cycle for people. People are changing their old food habits. Since Shark Tank India was introduced, it has given a different direction to the entrepreneur culture.

The founder of different and creative business ideas comes to the Shark Tank India platform to impress five intelligent and successful business owners to invest in and raise funding for their business. The Shark Tank India platform has experienced so many business proposals from the food and beverage industry. Here we are going to discuss five must-try food products from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Top 5 Shark Tank India Season 2 Food Finds

Here I am going to give some quick insights into the 5 most mouthwatering food discoveries of Shark Tank India Season 2. Let’s get ready for the ride.

Product: A Variety of Healthy Snacks

Company: Green Snack Co.

Chetan Sharda and Jasmine Kaur are the originators as well as COO and CEO of the Green Snack Co., respectively. Jasmine faced many problems regarding her weight and healthy snack options during her corporate job, and the couple came up with a solution in the form of Green Snack Co.

Their product is the perfect solution for evening munching cravings. Only healthier elements are used in the making of products. It has no preservatives or MSG. They are made with the minimum amount of oil and spices. It helps people get content with their junk-food cravings in a healthy way. They were able to impress Vineeta Singh and obtain an investment of Rs. 1 crore at 8% equity from her.

Product: Authentic taste of South Indian Filter Coffee Decoction and Snacks

Company: VS Mani & Co.

GD Prasad, one of the founders of VS Mani & Co., is designated as CEO, whereas the other two founders, Yashah Alur and Rahul Bajaj, are working as Head of Growth and Operational Manager, respectively. Along with their own website, these products are also available on various platforms, such as Amazon, Quick Commerce, and Super Markets.

The coffee and snacks are prepared with traditional South Indian recipes to achieve and maintain their authentic taste. The authentic South Indian filter coffee is blended with chicory to produce flavorful coffee and is their hero product. Anupam Mittal has already invested in their company before they come to the Shark platform. The trio was able to impress Namita Thapar and get the investment.

Product: Popsicles and Ice Cream

Company: Licksters

The couple named Parimal Kalikar and Dhivya Subburaju are the innovators of these brands. Parimal is qualified in hotel management. They challenged themselves to no sugar and no dairy products for one hundred days. After completing their challenge, when they tasted the first scoop of ice cream, they found it full of chemicals, colours, and flavour essences. They get inspiration to establish their own product called Licksters.

They claim that more than 80% of their product is fruit-based. They have various categories of bars, like Greek yoghurt bars, vegan bars, and ice cream bars. They also provide premium shakes and ice cream. They give the assurance of no use of any kind of artificial colour and chemicals in their ice-creams or pop-sickles.They have various flavours and a sugar-free option as well. The duo was able to close a final deal with Amit Jain of Rs. 25 lakh in debt and Rs. 25 lakh for 5% equity.

Product: Homestyle Snacks

Company: Patilkaki

One middle-aged lady, Geeta Govinda Patil, established this brand called PatilKaki with the support of two 21-year-old young boys named Vinit Govinda Patil and Darshil Anil Savla. They provide various types of homestyle snacks through their online portal. They take all the required hygiene measures and use no harmful ingredients in their product.

Their hero products are Modak and Puranpoli, whereas all the other products are scalable. As of now, the product life is 25 to 30 days,which they want to extend to 2.5 months by introducing nitrogen flushing. They took the final call with Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal for Rs. 40 lakhs in exchange for 4% equity.

Product: Nachos and Nuts

Company: Makino

The group of four Patel Gujaratis, Anik Patel, Keval Patel, Ronik Patel, and Priyank Patel, have found this company called Makino. Priyank Patel is the CEO of the company. Ronik Patel looks after the branding and e-commerce sectors, while Anik Patel looks after the logistics, production, and procurement. Lastly, Keval Patel is managing modern trade and Horeca. They bring the Mexican snack nachos with Indian flavours. It is made with 40% less oil. It claims to have no cholesterol or trans fat.

They are offering eight delicious flavours of nachos. They are also offering 4 flavors in corn chips, 2 flavors in corn twists and peanuts with 4 flavors. They are exporting to 15 or more countries. This product is easily available in retail stores, on e-commerce platforms, and in modern trade. Due to certain reasons, they were not able to close any deals with any sharks in Shark Tank India. to sustain in market they have launched veggie nachos and high protein nachos under the categorie super nachos series.  


All these food and beverage products that are presented in Shark Tank India season 2 deserve a chance to be tried. These products are able to satisfy your taste buds while also being safe for your health. One must try these foods at least once.

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